A lexicon of known Five Cities words and their meanings.






  • —ellen [ ELL ehn ] suffix. secondary male; son


  • fres— [ frehs ] prefix. alive; with one's soul
  • fressa [ FREHS suh ] adj. alive
  • frít [ freet ] n. masc.; fríenzá [ free EHN zuh ] n. fem. respected patron. A minor honorific.



  • hye— [ HAI eh ] prefix. warrior; of war


  • —ia [ EE uh ] suffix. secondary female; daughter
  • —it [ iht ] suffix. primary male; father
  • —ienza [ ee EHN zuh ] suffix. primary female; mother











  • shin— [ shihn ] prefix. soulless; dead; referring only to the body
  • shinet [ shih NEHT ] n. vessel: the human body








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